[Marxism] IIsrael is a death trap for the Israel working class

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 04:37:24 MDT 2008

The history of the Jews.

The most common mistake regarding  the history of the Jews has been created
by viewing the history of the Jews as separated people from the actual
history of  other people  in the process of accumulation and concentration
of capital.

 From this  mystified perspective the Anti Semites including the Zionists
portray the history of the Jews as a separated foreign body  to Europe.
People who must  live separately in their own colony where they will be able
to correct their physical and cultural defects accumulated during  the long
history of  the mythical Diaspora.

A proper scientific analysis of the history of the Jews should be therefore
divided into the following chapters of real history:

A. Jews at the time of  slave society (  The Canaanites,  The Israel and
Judea kingdoms , The place and role  of Jews in ancient Greece and Rome )

B. Jews in the age of Feudalism and the Moorish Asiatic mode of production.(
the role of pre capitalist  finance and commerce,  the golden age in  Islamic
Spain )

C. Jews at the time of primitive accumulation of Capital ( including the
participation in the enslavement of Africa and the robbery of Latin America
and Asia )

D Jews at the age of the industrial revolution ( The participation in the
colonization of North Africa and other parts of the world)

E Jews in  the epoch of imperialism.( the Zionists  colonization, and the
Jewish Holocaust )

F Jews and the working class revolutionary movement.

>From scientific perspective of the working class  it is clear that the
Zionist historiography which sees the Jews as members of a  race that  have
  accumulated  unhealthy traits during the 2000 years of unnatural life and
 who have return to the waiting empty land is simply a Jewish version of
Anti Semitism , necessary for the Zionist role in the colonization of Africa
and  most importantly of Palestine.

Jews are not a race not only because the human race is not divided into
separate races, but  more specifically Jews come in all shapes and colors.
They are Chinese Jews, European Jews, Arab Jews, Black African Jews ,etc.

Palestine was not an empty land waiting for the Jews to reposes it. It has
been an Arab for many centuries and the Jews who were not exiled during the
Assyrian Babylonian and Ronan empires  became Moslem after the sixth

The Zionists could settle in Palestine ( Or any other part of the British
and French empires ) only with the active support of the imperialists as
settler colonialists.

The only solution for the Jews any where is the socialist revolution and
this is true as well as in Europe or the US as well as in Palestine. The
historical alternative to the socialist revolution as far as the Jews are
concern in this epoch of decline of capitalism  is the physical destruction
of the Jews.

Israel is a death trap for the Jewish Israeli masses. Its survival depend on
the massive support of American imperialism and the role that  the Israeli
ruling class is performing for the imperialists. The US whose holding over
this region is has been in decline may sooner or later decide  that the
support for the Zionist state is too expensive.
The only alternative to physical destruction that the Zionist ruling class
is preparing for the Israelis,  is to join  the revolutionary struggle of
the Arab working class

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