[Marxism] Economic impact of $200 per barrel oil

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 28 08:49:21 MDT 2008

Me?  Just retired from my job as  deputy chief of operations for Metro North 
Railroad in NYC.

What next?  Besides being able to have a drink  whenever I want, no longer 
carrying a pager, a blackberry, and an additional cell phone?

As soon as I finish this case of wine, I think I'll try to work with 
American Public Transit Association to get positive train control signal 
systems as the "standard."  Safety first.

But as for mass transit-- and expanding rail service:  highly capital 
intensive. I think as the economy tanks, and state budgets are pinched by 
reduced tax revenues, the outlook will become more and more grim for 
maintaining  subsidies for today's levels of service, which are truly paltry 
compared to Europe-- not to mention expanding service.

NY MTA (state agency) has announced reduction in its capital spending 
budget, and the public announcement doesn't really tell how bad the picture 

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> What are people on this list doing about this phenomenon?

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