[Marxism] Israel is a death trap for the Israeli working class

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 10:12:32 MDT 2008

Let us stay in focus and  argue to the point. To avoid any misunderstanding.

1.  I oppose the creation of the Israeli state and the 1947-8 partition of

2.  I support the program of  one Palestinian workers state from the sea to
the river as part of a  socialist Federation. In the same way Trotsky called
in South Africa for a black    workers republic.

3/ Of course when I write that the Zionist ruling class program leads to the
physical destruction of the Israeli-Jewish workers I do not mean that that
is what hey want but that is what they are leading to.

So the question is  simple: A one bourgeois democratic state or one workers
state.To put it on theoretical level two stage revolution or the Permanent

To say it in different words:  A workers revolution by the  working class
lead by a working class revolutionary party build through the revolutionary
practice of the Arab working class, or a solution within the imperialist
order led by middle class movement like Hamas and Hezbollah.

I am very familiar with the argument of political realism. This has been the
main argument of the supporters of the partition and the Oslo agreement.

Today Hamas leadership is in the news for stating that any Palestinian
organization that attacks Israel is acting against the interest of the
Palestinians. We are very familiar with such statements coming from Abu
Mazen that have been acting as a policeman for Israel. I do not know that
Hamas leaders have read Trotsky's theory but clearly Trotsky's theory
referrers to such leaderships. It is one thing to have a block with Hamas
against Imperialism and its servants' it is a different matter to stand with
Hamas when they act as policeman for Zionism.

Yossi Schwartz

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