[Marxism] Israel is a death trap for the Israel working class

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 28 18:47:50 MDT 2008

Spanish is not my first language. I was hoping to get
the point across, but Nestor's points are well-taken.
Patria is not an easy word to translate since for the
Cubans it means a good deal more than the mere literal
"homeland". Well, anyway...

NESTOR writes:
I feel I must take exception to Walter's translation. Literally, the
concept by Martí was "Patria es humanidad", which translates
adequately as "Homeland is humanity". If Martí, who was a great writer
besides a strong politician and able soldier, had wanted to write "Our
homeland is humanity" he would have written "Nuestra patria es la
humanidad", which in Spanish is as different from "Patria es
humanidad" as "Our homeland is humanity" in English differs from
"Homeland is humanity".

What Martí wanted to stress was that the concrete struggle of the
Cuban people for national liberation was the _Cuban_ way to be
humanists, the single valid way to be a humanist, and this in
opposition to the abstraction of "citizen of the world" that was
already ravaging too many people of good will in Martí's times.

"Patria es humanidad" and "Socialism and this Nation are one and 
single thing" (Ho) mean the same, and in a sense they are quite the
opposite to "Our homeland is humanity". In fact, it would be better
translated as "Humanity is our homeland", so to say.

The above said, however, for semicolonial peoples. In the case of the
Israeli working class, Homeland opposes Humanity in the same way that
US American Patriotism opposes Humanity.

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