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The history of the Jews.

The most common mistake regarding  the history of the Jews has been created
by  professional nationalist historians and myth creators viewing the
history of the Jews as separated people from the actual history of  other
people  in the living and very painful and bloody  process of  the
development of the forces of production

While most people have met Jews they will find it very difficult to define
who is a Jew? Clearly it can not be one ethnicity as every one knows there
are Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. It can not be a religion, because not only
there are at least four different religious streams that are considered
Jews, but many Jews are not religious. They can not  be a nation because the
American Jews about half of the Jews who live today see themselves as

The Racist ultra nationalist definitions of the Zionists can not help.
According  to the Zionists and the Orthodox Rabbinates a Jew is not one who
consider himself a Jew but  one whose mother was born a Jew and the state of
Israel recognize him/her as such. It is ironic but the Zionist state that
claims to  represent the Jews of the entire world  is using the same racist
criteria as Nazi Germany.

A case in point  are the  Black Hebrews.

The Black Hebrews, whose full name is "The Original African Hebrew Israelite
Nation of Jerusalem," believe that they are descended from the ten lost
tribes of Israel. They live  in  Dimona  Arad and Mitzpe Ramon, and  according
to their own special religious rules of conduct. Polygamy is permitted and
birth control is forbidden. Their dietary laws prohibit the eating of meat,
dairy products, eggs and sugar.

They may consider themselves Jews but they  are defined in Israel as a non
Jewish  sect.

The first Black Hebrews began arriving in Israel in 1969, entering the
country on temporary visas that were periodically renewed. In the meantime,
the Chief Rabbinate of Israel declared that the Black Hebrews were not Jews,
and therefore the sect's members were not entitled to Israeli citizenship
under the Law of Return.

 The Government of Israel avoided deporting them  but at the same time also
refrained from granting the Black Hebrews citizenship.

 In May 1990. According to that agreement, the Black Hebrews were initially
granted tourist status with a B/1 visa that entitled them to employment; a
year later they were given temporary resident status (A/5) for a period of
five years. At the end of the five-year period, in 1995, their status was
extended for another three years. At the beginning of 2004, the interior
minister granted them residency, which does not carry mandatory military

Similarly Anti Semitism exists and it as ugly as any other racist ideology.
 It manifest itself for attacking Jews who are simply dressed in traditional
Jewish outfit, painting swastikas on Synagogues ,violating cemeteries.   Yet
according to the Zionist ideology  any one who dares to  criticize not to
speak of opposing the racism and the crimes of the Zionist state is
considered anti Semite. In other words anti racists are accused of racism.
At the same time open racists, mass murderer like Bush who is responsible
for the death of more than one million Semites  in  Iraq,  right wing
evangelists and  even Italian fascist politicians are well come to Israel
and are taken to Yad Vashem( The musueum of the Holocaust)

There is a reason why the Zionists are only confusing the question who is
Anti-Semite and the reason is that the Zionists have never fought the Anti
Semites they   have collaborated  with them.

 The most known case is the case of  Dr R Kastner. Kastner had assumed
various leadership roles within the Jewish community in Hungary and
Transylvania before and during the war, including the chairmanship of the
"rescue committee" of Jews who escaped from countries occupied by Nazi
Germany. After arriving in Palestine in 1946, he became a prominent member
of Ben-Gurion's ruling Labor party (then known as Mapai) and was to be its
candidate for the Knesset in the coming election of 1953.  He was accused by
Malchiel Gruenwald  an hlocaust  survivor of collaboration with the Nazis
during the Second World War: The allegations included concealing information
on the extermination plans of the Jewish community in order to save
approximately 1,700  rich Jews including  his friends and family, partnering
with Nazi war criminal Kurt Becher, and testifying in his favor in the
Nuremberg trials.

Kastner sued Gruenwald for libel, and Gruenwald was defended by attorney
Shmuel Tamir. The District Court Judge who dealt with the lawsuit was
Benjamin Halevi (both Halevi and Tamir were later Members of the Knesset).
Developments in the trial brought about the involvement of Attorney General
Haim Cohen. In June 1955, Justice Halevi ruled that Gruenwald's allegations
of Kastner's collaboration with the Nazis were founded and that "Kastner
sold his soul to the Satan." He also declared that Kastner committed perjury
in Becher's trial in Nuremberg.

Kastner's supporters claimed he was a hero, acting to save as many Jews as
he could – despite the objective risks and emotional difficulty in
collaborating with Nazis such as Adolf Eichmann.

Since the trial had implications on the Mapai party, the Government decided
to appeal on Kastner's behalf to the Supreme Court. On May 28th 1955, Herut
and Maki factions presented no-confidence motions, in which the General
Zionists, a coalition member, abstained - leading to Prime Minister
Sharett's resignation.

In the ensuing uproar, while ongoing discussions on the appeal were held,
Kastner was shot in March 1957 by  so called extremists who only a few
months earlier were members of the Security Service . In January 1958, the
Supreme Court, in a majority of 3 to 2, overturned the judgment against
Kastner. The Court's decision continued to say that under certain
circumstances, a leader is obligated to withhold information from the
public. On the other hand, all five justices ruled that Katsner had
committed perjury in his 1947 testimony, which led to the acquittal of a
senior S.S. officer

It is hardly surprising that he was  acquitted . It would be an open  admission
that the Zionist  movement  has responsibility for the death of more than
half million Hungarian  Jews  So far no one has brought charges against the
Israeli state for helping the Western imperialists like the US to close the
gates in the face of the persecuted Jews. Ben Gurion is on the record for
saying: " If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany
by transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the
Land of Israel, I would choose the latter, for before us lies not only the
numbers of these children but the historical reckoning of the people of

David Ben-Gurion (Quoted on pp 855-56 in Shabtai Teveth's Ben-Gurion ))..

Anti Semitism exists and yet to explains the causes we need a scientific
analysis nut the last thing the capitalist ruling classes and their
intellectual's servants are capable of is to provide us with such an

Instead of a  scientific explanation usually we are given a list of reasons
to chose from why most people allegedly  hate Jews..

The Jews are different.

The Jews are outsiders

The  Christian believe that the Jews murdered Jesus.

The Jews rule the world, or at least the mass media

The non Jews have some anti Jewish genetics.

Viewing the history of the Jews from  a Marxist perspective  gives us a
clear definition who is a Jew. Already Abraham Leon  in his book the Jewish
question provide us with the definition of who are the Jews: A people class,
 or a social cast. This definition is clear and precise unlike the Zionists'
definition  that is no more than a fiction , of a Jewish world nation. The
Israelis are not a nation Israel is a stolen land by settler colonialists
who have remained a cast but now has had a military dimension to it.

scientific analysis of the history of the Jews  in terms of their role in
the development of forces of production should be therefore divided into the
following chapters of real history:

A. Jews at the time of  slave society (  The Canaanites,  The Israel and
Judea kingdoms , The place and role  of Jews in ancient Greece and Rome )

B. Jews in the age of Feudalism and the Moorish Asiatic mode of production.(
the role of pre capitalist  finance and commerce,  the golden age in  Islamic
Spain )

C. Jews at the time of primitive accumulation of Capital ( including the
participation in the enslavement of Africa and the robbery of Latin America
and Asia )

D Jews at the age of the industrial revolution ( The participation in the
colonization of North Africa and other parts of the world)

E Jews in  the epoch of imperialism.( the Zionists  colonization, and the
Jewish Holocaust )

F Jews and the working class revolutionary movement.


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