[Marxism] Church in Cuba questions government's promotion of homosexuality

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 29 14:21:45 MDT 2008

(Over on the ultra-right wing of the Cuban exile spectrum, they
are attacking the Cuban church for not being hostile enough to
the Cuban government. It's quite remarkable how powerful this 
issue has become in international social and political life!
Not, too, there's no issue of gay marriage in Cuba as yet and
it's not my reading that there's likely to be any such issue
in the foreseeable future.)

Church in Cuba questions government's promotion of homosexuality


The Archdiocese of Havana's magazine, Palabra Nueva, has published an
article questioning the Cuban government's promotion of homosexuality
through norms that allow the changing of one's identity, sex-change
operations and the eventual legalization of homosexual unions,
reports Catholic News Agency.

The latest addition of the magazine features a column by Cardinal
Jaime Ortega of Havana in which he applauds "the efforts to humanize
social life" in Cuba by condemning homophobia. At the same time,
however, he questions the campaigns influenced by the "liberal
ideologies" of "first world countries" that go "beyond combating the
rejection or ill-treatment of homosexual persons" and exalt
individual freedom to "unacceptable levels" thus promoting the
mentality that "anything goes."

"I know it is difficult to limit the influence of these centers of
power. Cuba has done so and is doing so in other areas, but in this
area many of the faithful of our communities have been surprised and
displeased, and they asked the Church to make a statement about the
likely legal recognition of homosexual unions, the eventual adoption
of children by these couples or the guidance given to parents and
even to pre-teens and teens about sexual preference freely chosen by
each girl or boy," the cardinal warned.

In the same edition, Palabra Nueva editor Orlando Marquez wrote in
his column about the uproar caused by two recent state-sanctioned
events that promote homosexuality: the broadcast of the film
Brokeback Mountain on state-run television and the promulgation of a
norm by the Ministry of Public Health that authorizes sex-change
operations for individuals diagnosed as transsexuals.

Various reports indicate the campaign in support of homosexuality is
being led by sexologist Mariela Castro, daughter of President Raul
Castro and director of the National Center of Sexual Education.

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