[Marxism] Canadian PM 'Apologizes' to Indigenous People

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Sun Jun 29 17:12:27 MDT 2008

Marxist Perspectives for the 21st Century
June 28, 2008

The Harper `Apology' —
Saying `Sorry' with a Forked Tongue

By Mike Krebs

Mike Krebs is an Indigenous activist in Vancouver and a contributing
editor of Socialist Voice.

On June 11, 2008, Stephen Harper, prime minister of Canada and
leader of the Conservative Party, issued an "apology" for the
residential school system that over 150,000 Indigenous children were
forced through. The hype before and after the statement was
enormous, with extensive coverage in all major media.
In trying to understand the responses of Indigenous people across
Canada to this "apology," it is first important to address what it did not
do. It must be judged in terms of the ability of Indigenous people to
move forward in the process of true healing, not just from the effects
of the residential school system, but from the entire process of
Canadian colonialism. In this framework, the deficiencies of the
"apology" are much greater than any positive impact it could have.

Read the full article at <http://www.socialistvoice.ca/?p=304>

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