[Marxism] just back from the national assembly conference....,

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Jun 30 02:06:15 MDT 2008

Mark Lause wrote:
A socialist organization and a local Green campaign had statements of
> support for McKinney on their lit tables and the fellow staffing the
> Socialist Party table was selling "Moore for president" buttons and
> verbally supporting McKinney.  But the materials distributed on behalf
> of the McKinney campaign were...well, remarkable.

"Cheglitz Guevara" wrote:
The fellow at the Socialist Party table was likely a dual member with
Solidarity, which is the left wing of the Green Party it seems (I am
also a dual member), but I'm very disturbed he was promoting someone
who hasn't even been selected as the Green candidate yet, as opposed
to our own candidate

What a cute, cute, cute little Aesopian discussion this is. I truly love the
little innuendos for the ultra-cognoscenti! So, so CUTE! Not apparently
being one of the ultra-cognoscenti, at least from the standpoint of these
matters, I find the whole thing, well, irritating, and even "remarkable" in
a very unpleasant way.

If this is actually a private correspondence being carried out on the list,
the moderator should intervene to send it back to private life. If not, the
authors should be required to come clean about what the hell they are
talking about.

Of course, I say this as someone who, when push comes to shove, don't care
whether the Green Party, the Socialist Party, or Solidarity support
McKinney. (I belong to the latter but it has almost no discipline. I am glad
Solidarity does tend to support McKinney.) 

I support McKinney, regardless of the organizational details.

But if there is some big, horrible, "remarkable" scandal here, it should be
explained to the whole list membership or kept off the list. Thank you very

And by the way, did anything beside such delightful tidbits occur at the
conference. Will anybody submit a report on what happened there? That would
be a nice change of pace.
Fred Feldman

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