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ZIMBABWE'S PLUNGE: Exhausted Nationalism, Neoliberalism and   The Search 
For Social Justice

By Patrick Bond and Masimba Manyanya

Patrick Bond is Associate professor, University of the Witwatersrand ; 
Masimba Manyanya is an associate of the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and 
Development and former chief economist, Zimbabwe Ministry of Finance

An incisive original analysis of current Zimbabwean politics and economics.

Zimbabwe ’s government is tired and discredited. The country is 
stretched to breaking point. What will come next? Can the society shift 
from rule by an exhausted nationalist clique, ruling by terror and 
intimidation, to a "neo-liberal" free-market economy, as advocated by 
international financiers and the big-business wing of the opposition 
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)? Taking the plunge in either 
direction will depend upon whether voters can cast ballots in a 
free-and-fair March 2002 presidential election. No matter who wins, this 
book argues that Zimbabwe must explicitly confront the myriad of 
political-economic contradictions that bedevil both nationalists and 
neo-liberals. An alternative political project is sketched out, drawing 
upon the Zimbabwean people’s own struggles for social justice. The 
social, political and economic lessons from Zimbabwe are relevant, the 
authors insist, to any other society in turmoil. This book makes 
essential international comparisons, and applies great analytical depth 
to this country's fast-shifting political landscape. Four appendices 
provide current seminal economic texts from the ruling party, the MDC, 
the National Working People’s Convention and Jubilee South.

ISBN       9780850365177                     GB Pounds 14.95   pbk


Decolonization and Empire: Contesting the Rhetoric and Reality of 
Resubordination  in Southern Africa and Beyond

John S. Saul
Professor Emeritus at York University , Toronto

What does Empire mean today?

There is the unalloyed working of capitalism, the manufacture and 
exacerbation of a global hierarchy, reinforced by the “free” workings of 
the market creating unequal windows of opportunity and material 
outcomes. The gap between rich and poor continues to grow, not 
exclusively along geographical lines (there are, after all, many poor in 
the global North and some rich in the global South) yet, nonetheless, 
principally along these lines.

This hierarchy is only in part self-creating and self-sustaining. It is 
also willed and locked into place by the states, the governments in 
power, of the North and their quasi-international panoply of 
institutions (the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and the like). The space 
for quasi-left experimentation in the South has gone now and capitalist 
practitioners face only a weak opposition.

What does this mean for those at its receiving end, those in a global 
South? Those increasingly unable to defend themselves against the “free 
global market” as projected upon them by the US , the IMF, the WTO. What 
else is this, if not recolonization?

“To be read by concerned scholars everywhere, especially the young - and 
the young at heart.”  Barbara Harris-White, Professor of Development 
Studies, University of Oxford

“as a scholar and an activist he has taught and inspired…”  Trevor Ngwane

Contents: Introduction: The Empire of Capital, A: 
Colonization-Recolonization: the Southern Africa Case, Decolonizing the 
Residues of Empire, Recolonization and the New Empire of Capital. B. 
Revalidating vs. Resisting Empire: the Global Struggle: Revalidating 
Empire: the Rhetoric of Ferguson and Ignatieff, Regrounding Resistance 
to the Empire of Capital, Conclusion: Resistance. C. Afterword: The 
Strange Death of Liberated Southern Africa . Appendices: Eduardo 
Mondlane and the Rise and Fall of Mozambican Socialism (ii) Remembering 
Samora Machel.

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