[Marxism] obama

abu hartal abuhartal at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 30 11:11:01 MDT 2008

Obama's not in favor of Clinton's telecom and financial dereg or punitive
welfare reform or trade deals without enforceable social clauses. He
probably wouldn't have carried out Desert Fox without Security Council
Approval or at least explicit authorization by Congress. He didn't
offer the mandate upfront because he wants to see what he can
get from the insurance companies before he gives them 40 million
new customers. Obama is for card checks while Clinton proved himself
no friend of labor. Small reforms are possible with Obama's victory, and
a working class which can't fight for even that (and that includes
just the right to organize) is not steeling itself for the 
epochal battles ahead. I understand that you own Marx so you
can pass judgment on who and who isn't a Marxist. And that authority
comes from what exactly? 
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