[Marxism] obama

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 30 11:18:54 MDT 2008

abu hartal wrote:
> Obama's not in favor of Clinton's telecom and financial dereg or punitive
> welfare reform or trade deals without enforceable social clauses. He
> probably wouldn't have carried out Desert Fox without Security Council
> Approval or at least explicit authorization by Congress. He didn't
> offer the mandate upfront because he wants to see what he can
> get from the insurance companies before he gives them 40 million
> new customers. Obama is for card checks while Clinton proved himself
> no friend of labor. Small reforms are possible with Obama's victory, and
> a working class which can't fight for even that (and that includes
> just the right to organize) is not steeling itself for the 
> epochal battles ahead. I understand that you own Marx so you
> can pass judgment on who and who isn't a Marxist. And that authority
> comes from what exactly? 

My authority comes from ownership of the list. Periodically I boot 
people from Marxmail who have no business here. Everything you have 
written here could have been written by Kos or Atrios, except for the 
lip-service to Karl Marx. We need more than lip-service.

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