[Marxism] (no subject)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 30 11:59:06 MDT 2008

abu hartal wrote:
> Don't see what is Maoist about Fletcher's critical support of Obama or how
> his putatively being a Maoist invalidates that critical support. I doubt that
> there is very little recognizably Maoist about his recent book on American
> labor. So it seems to me that you are just throwing out the term Maoist as a 
> form of abuse, and as a substitute for an argument. I have no idea what
> his politics are though he seems committed to the American labor (not
> peasant) movement in a post industrial environment, and 
> I would have thought that would be enough.  But perhaps not because 
> he is after all a Maoist, and you know Marx because you "own" a marxmail
> list. 

Okay, whatever.

I see it is pointless to have exchanges with you.

But this is a warning. The next time you post Obama propaganda here 
without making any attempt to connect it with Marxism, as Fletcher has 
done, you will be removed.

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