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The following articles from the June 30, 2008 issue
of the Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter may  be
accessed at:
1. THE COLLATERAL DAMAGE OF WAR ‹ A brief excerpt from an outstanding
article by a prize-winning war correspondent about the nature of war and its
2. WHAT'S UP WITH THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS? ‹ During June Congress funded the
the Iraq war deep into next year, approved a version of the Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that endangers civil liberties, and, in
effect,  eliminated the possibility of impeaching President Bush. Why are
progressives and the left not particularly surprised?
3. EDITORIAL: DYING FOR AN EDUCATION ‹ The recent legislative upgrading of
the GI Bill to provide a free four-year college education to post-9/11 Bush
era enlistees in the military seems to have met with popular approval. But
it raises some big questions.
4. CREATING A NEW PROGRESSIVE ERA IN AMERICA ‹ Under what conditions might
it be possible to bring about a period of significant progressive change and
reform that would adequately address our country's major social problems?
That's the question this magazine-size article investigates with an
excursion into the history of progressive reform in the United States. Much
of its content is devoted to examining three eras our history noted for
important reform legislation, and juxtaposing them to the last four
conservative decades where new social programs for the working class, lower
middle class and the poor have been virtually nonexistent.
5. CHECK IT OUT ‹ Our latest collection of new articles of more than usual
interest to progressive people, with websites for access.

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