[Marxism] British Government Refuses To Discuss Sovereignty of Malvinas

J.M.P.Cloke at lboro.ac.uk J.M.P.Cloke at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Apr 1 07:04:34 MDT 2009

So, leaving aside all the bluff, bluster and bullshit, we 
get: "what was the step forward for the British working 
class, and for class struggle on the international scale 
as a whole. And this answer is-- defeat of the British 
military forces in the Malvinas." Boy, you do use a lot of 
meaningless material to make one small point, don't you?

And therefore, had the Argentinian military dictatorship 
and its supporting clique amongst the bourgeoisie defeated 
the UK armed forces and re-established control over the 
Falklands, thus reinforcing itself in power and 
strengthening its ability to oppress and commit mass 
murder against the Argentine working class, petit 
bourgeoisie and, well, lefties, academics, activists, the 
usual suspects, that would have been a step forward in the 
international class struggle, would it?

Jon Cloke

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