[Marxism] Said Sayrafiezadeh: David Horowitz wannabe

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 1 09:04:08 MDT 2009

Q: So what do you say now when people start ranting about capitalism’s 
dying days?

A: People have been fucking saying that my whole life. I like my life, 
and I don’t really want to change. I don’t need society to be 
dismantled. I don’t want to feel guilty about the things I have. I have 
a 32-inch high-def flat-screen TV. I fucking love that thing, man.

So says Said Sayrafiezadeh in a New York Magazine interview. His newly 
published memoir “When Skateboards Will Be Free” recounts his youthful 
misfortunes as the son of two members of the Socialist Workers Party in 
Dickensian terms. Like Oliver Twist, his parents were a couple of Fagins 
forcing Marxist politics down his throat while denying him skateboards, 
and even worse for a red-blooded American, the right to love consumer goods.


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