[Marxism] Interview with Fidel

Darrel Furlotte darrel.furlotte at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 11:55:50 MDT 2009

Today, a two-part special: An interview with Fidel earlier this month by the Argentine sociologist Atilio Boron, which appeared on Boron's blog and was also published at Pagina 12.

Fidel and Boron discussed the G-20 meeting, and the motives for inviting Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to dine with the adults.  And Fidel talked about the recent cabinet changes: "If I expressed an opinion about the change in the cabinet," he said, "it was due to the necessity to cut off at the root the talk about a conflict between Fidel's men and those of Raúl. I couldn't endorse this stupidity by my silence.Raúl is the one who is governing. In Cuba, many people paid with their lives for the victory and consolidation of the Revolution, not just in the Sierra Maestra and in the struggle against Batista. Afterwards, they also killed our literacy teachers in Cuba, and they are still doing it outside of Cuba. The same thing goes on with our doctors, who risk their lives to make socialist internationalism a reality."

Finally, they discuss the ominous possibility of a rightward political swing in Latin America as a consequence of the economic crisis.


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