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>  ...my respectful answer to Nestor is: I don't know if I'm a Marxist - 
>  but neither do you; I don't know enough about it or myself - but neither  
> do you. An essential difference between us, however, seems to be that  
> I'm happy to debate my ideas and have them shot down - and you're  not.


Marxist as a tag spans from the left to the right and  everything in between. 
>From right wing ideologists - "20 th century Americanism  is communism," to 
anarchism and vegans who happen to eaten a dish or two of  Marxist 
propositions. Sir, I am an American communists, in my older age somewhat  on the 
conservative side of things, due perhaps to too many trade union  meetings. Opposing 
ones own imperialists, is ageless and as the commercial  claims "priceless." 

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I absolutely, 100% agree  with you - which just goes to reinforce my point 
that, in terms of the interests  of working classes, whichever set of property 
rights got enforced it made  absolutely no difference. 

Jon Cloke 


The issue  emerges, again.. As a general rule one cannot get in trouble, with 
comrades and  friends on the left, opposing their own home grown imperialism. 
The idea, for  me, is to oppose the property rights of my imperialists first 
and foremost,  rather than a focus on the anyone one else, meaning the 
Malvinas. The Argentina  masses will of course have to settle their own score, which 
is somewhat  dependent on how we strive to settle our score in the imperial 

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