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Notes: filed and stored For communists working in the electoral arena as a  
long term assignment. 
Another issue arises in considering capital in the post 1980 era of   
Securitization and crisis. What is the probably trajectory of capital as  investment, 
or what are the probable paths of expansion? What does the next  decade or 
two hold in store for American communism? What will we face? 
While recovery is not possible, restoration of profitability will take  place 
and is the stuff of the current policy struggles faced by the Obama  
administration. There is more than meets the eye in the Obama administrations  push 
for infrastructure development, enhancement and evolution. 
Although, the outline is barely in view, the probable path forward for  
capital seems to reside within the state of the United States of North America  
itself. The historic push from the costal areas further into the interior. We  
seem - I would say we are, poised to complete the settlement of America.   Will 
try and pay close attention to new calls for a "new homestead act" which  
surfaced for a moment under Clinton and Bush. 
Likening the Obama administration to the Roosevelt administration - as New  
Dealers, who began decentralizing America, seems to be an aspect of our history 
 that may need to be given new attention. The general historical context is  
America as a nation of immigrants. The demographic shift is in high swing, but 
 much of its meaning is still clouded by anti-immigration (anti-Mexican)  
hysterics and concepts of the break up of the US state as a state system. 
The scope of this issue is very complex. 
The Republican Party, as an institution  cannot recover on the old  basis 
because their ideology block them. That is anti-government,  anti-development of 
infrastructure, which in turn blocks them from creating the  infrastructure 
basis for population shift. The industrial center or industrial  form of 
urbanization is historically and practically obsolete. Industrial  configuration of 
urbanization will not be destroyed but sublated - morphed, by a  new urban 
configuration. The fight for the new urbanization is two decades deep. 
A society configuration that loosely conform to this stage of the  
technological revolution and capital - speculative capital, image of itself and  its 
striving to recreate the world in its image. The end of the industrial epoch  
does not mean a concept of no industrial machines, no one works, no production  
takes place, but rather a transition from one configuration of society and its  
infrastructure to another. 
If it was possible to profitably develop the new infrastructure, that  
corresponds to this stage of the technological revolution + speculative capital  as 
dominating form, capital would have undertaken this task years ago, and  
produced the mother of all bubbles lasting for decades. The government has to be  
called in, as is the case in every great expansion of the productive forces. 
The political significance of demographic shift has profound meaning for  the 
basis upon which the Democratic and Republican Party were formed as  
political institutions. In our country political power is organized and held on  the 
basis of large cities. The Democratic Party has no choice but to try and  hold 
onto its "costal" base in the population and push to reconfigure the  country 
from the standpoint of the base of its political power in the big  cities. 
Yet, room for the greatest amount of expansions reside outside the  costal areas. 
An American with 500 - 700 million people would not be crowded. 
The population density of America is only 76 per square mile as compared  
with 134 in Europe and 203 in Asia. But in the Northeast of our country the  
population density is 767 per square mile and in California where its population  
is projected to be a rough 50 million, tomorrow, the density will shoot up to  
1,050 per square mile. 
There is no place to go but the interior. How this fight is fought out is  
going to be interesting with changing sides. Perhaps a section of the  
environmentalist movement will oppose such expansion, rather than fight for  their 
vision of a new society configuration. Who knows? 
Yet, the Southern fascist block this move through their historic  ideological 
chains. Hence, the Republicans will become more Democrats to  complete the 
historical process, that began with the settling of our country as  a Southern 
Seems to me, that here is the last great bubble to surpass all bubbles. 
Here is the final frontier. 
Interestingly the homeless movement and the growth of tent city America  
might be used as the vehicle of "conquering" the last frontier. 
April fools? 
Lets see what happens. 

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