[Marxism] YADL (Yet another disillusioned liberal)

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Not so unwittingly.  Yes, such a movement is yet to be articulated except--  
except in 2006 on May 1, hundreds of thousands, millions of immigrant 
laborers took to the streets and in fact pushed their own reform program, 
and.... and unfortunately, the bourgeoisie knew what was at stake and came 
down as hard as possible, which was pretty hard, again because there was not 
that "deepening" and transformation of the struggle from one of formal 
"democracy," i.e. "rights,"  and into class power....

I think the entire keep the collapse of  accumulation from becoming 
unrelieved barbarism is in just that animation and reanimation of the 
struggle of immigrant labor as just that, immigrant and labor, that has been 
so essential to capitalist reproduction since 1992.

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