[Marxism] YADL (Yet another disillusioned liberal)

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Wait, I thought there was supposed to be some sort of movement around Obama, 
not that I ever argued that.  I thought there were masses absolutely 
reanimated,  enthused about the prospects for taking action, not that I ever 
argued that.  I thought there was supposed to be a way, "we" could link with 
those enthusiastic moving masses as long as we weren't too "critical" too 
belligerent in our  Marxism, in our opposition to the soft and fuzzy era of 
good feelings, not that I ever argued that...

But there were those that did... and so it's not out of line to ask them to 
account for the sudden pain they are now betraying...  What happened?  Why 
so glum, chum?  Why so sad, lad?  Why  so blue, Lou?   Why the frown, clown?

It has been less than 3 months since Mr. Goodbar-ack has occupied the oval 
office... so what happened to that movement?

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> This argument makes me wince, largely because there's more truth to
> Joaquin's argument than I want to admit.  I don't think "class" is
> outmoded or that race is any more effective in cultivating a movement
> consciousness.  I'm astounded that, with all the jolts, the people
> remain pretty complacent.
> Faith that Washington can do something effective seems to be sustaining 
> them.
> The Obama administration has, indeed, tried nothing that's reached
> beyond the realm of Bush or Clinton.  And the solutions that didn't
> work for them won't work any better for him.  For this reason--more
> than the nonexistent demonstrations of millions of angry workers--he
> will likely have to reach beyond to sustain what he can of that faith
> that keeps the masses relatively quiet.
> ML

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