[Marxism] YADL (Yet another disillusioned liberal)

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That's the second use of  the phrase "faith-based generalizations" as a 
rejoinder and non-response to a question  about what happened to all that 
enthusiasm surrounding the election of Obama, when in fact it is/was just 
such enthusiasm that was faith-based and has now created its opposite 
identity-- despair.  And those questions, what happened and why so glum 
chum, were put to those who expressed, in varying degrees, that enthusiasm.

So to the critical critics who talk about faith based generalizations, I 
must respond-- Critics, criticize yourself.

I wasn't the one expressing despair, or "wincing" over the current state of 
class struggle, over the workers' class consciousness.  That despair and 
wincing was, is being done by those who had previously demonstrated their 
faith not in the class opposition to the faux glee following the election of 
Obama, but just the reverse-- in the "possibilities" created, catalyzed, by 
that election.

And indeed, Mr. Lause still has faith, only faith now couched in the 
cautious,  hedged vocabulary of "We'll see"  and "Never say never."     And 
that is supposed to represent historical, material analyis of the "dynamic" 
processes of society.   Rot.

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