[Marxism] YADL (Yet another disillusioned liberal)

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 08:12:26 MDT 2009

I forgot how this works.  I say I don't know and we have to wait and
see without being dogmatic.  Then S. Artesian says that it isn't him
being dogmatic but its me.  The "yo' momma" school of socialist
theory. (Yawn.)

I decided weeks ago not to attempt to engage S. Artesian in an honest
discussion on this subject, on the grounds that he not only prefers to
abuse strawmen of his own making but almost never actually engages
with a single point you actually make.   I don't know if it's just him
or just him on this particular point, but it's predictable and utterly

I apologize to the list for taking its time with a demonstration of
what it didn't need demonstrating.

I suspect that we'll have more to discuss over the next year or so.  I
don't think the Democrats are not going to want to enter into an
off-year election having failed to make what didn't work for Bush not
work for them.  Those of us who rely on material reality may want to
watch these developments.

Those who will remain free to continue denouncing reality for its
failure to produce the requisite Socialist Industrial Unionism....


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