[Marxism] Question on the Russian Nashi youth movement

Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Thu Apr 2 11:12:05 MDT 2009

I was wondering if the Russian or Russia-based comrades on the list 
could shed some light on the practice and politics of the pro-government 
Nashi youth movement. Some time ago there was a big media uproar in 
Finland when about three Nashi representatives came to Finland to 
demonstrate against a history seminar organized by the Estonian embassy 
in Finland, which included a "documentary" called 'The Soviet Story'.

The uproar itself was a typical example of how exaggerated the Finnish 
media's hatred and fear of Russia really is, but as to the Nashi, it's 
rather difficult to know what they are about as I myself don't read any 
Russian. My hunch says they're just more or less nationalistic, and the 
anti-fascist rhetoric is not as progressive as one might think offhand.

On the other hand, I'm not sure if they're quite as bad as to deserve to 
be called "Putin Jugend", maybe that's just some more of the typical 
Finnish anti-Russian hatred.

But I might be wrong. Anyone have any information on this..?

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