[Marxism] NASCO shipyard and communists.

Sky Keyes skeyesvogt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 11:38:21 MDT 2009

The Maoist CWP wasn't without their own errors (just like any organization),
one of which, in my view, was the ultraleft posturing they did that
preceeded the Greensboro massacre and the lack of proper protection after
the aformentioned ultraleft posturing (when the battle was imminent).  From
what I have heard from activists they were quite a sectarian organization
that even had a chant that inlcuded a line about every Trot needing an
icepick or something.
That being said, one of the survivors of that massacre is now doing
excellent work in Greensboro and helped to arrange the street organization
peace treaty which was mentioned here:


tom clod said:
seems, if what you're saying is true, that the CWP had a better, more
effective notion of how to manage a "turn" to industry than a certain group
we were members of.  Were any of those guys involved in that at all?

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