[Marxism] NASCO shipyard and communists.

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 11:44:53 MDT 2009

Tod, there was a problem with the CWP. But first where I agree...yes, 
the managed an 'turn to industry' often better than other groups. Most 
groups managed it better, for that matter. Even the Spartacist League 
did better, IMO, than the group-whose-name-shall-remain-unspoken-here.

No one has written much on this in terms of left work in the unions. You 
have to gleam it from either first hand knowledge or what people have 
told you. The IS did excellent work in the Teamsters. The CP did some 
good work in steel. You can go around and around. What stood out with 
the CWP's work, *post-Greensboro* was their effective union organizing 
in shipyards. And even here it was relatively easy for the FBI to set 
them up with conspiracy to blow up a ship.

The problem is that prior to Greensboro, the CWP were raving 
ultra-lefts. Even with good union work they were f'ing crazy at times, 
the Greensboro affair being he apogee of this. It's also not true that 
the "left" didn't show solidarity with the CWP. After the CWP calmed 
down, we were able to build a mass march in solidarity with them after 
the incident, or don't you remember that? I was there, as were about 
10,000 others or more. The problem was that the CWP actually wanted to 
bring guns to the rally as if they hadn't already demonstrated their 
incompetence with fire arms already, it would only be a huge 
provocation. The CWP, finally, was talked out of it and I think them for 

Greensboro had an interesting effect on the CWP, especially as the other 
sectors of the left, including *TROTSKYITES!!!* came to their defense. 
They became somewhat less sectarian.


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