[Marxism] NASCO shipyard and communists.

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> that even had a chant that inlcuded a line about every Trot  needing an
> icepick or something.

A chicken in every pot, an  icepick in every Trot.

This is ugly.
Further, the material and political basis for the divergence between  
political Trotskyism and its orientation, against and opposed to all shades  of the 
Stalin/Lenin polarity has been eroded by history. The polarities that  evolved 
in response to and relationship to Soviet Power, exhausted themselves  with 
the overthrow of Soviet Power.  Continuing polarity is based in  ideology 
exclusively and no clear political or material reality. 
Unless one can outline something material - not ideological, that today  
sustains this old polarity. The issue can never be reduced to "what I think and  
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