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>> No one has written much on this in terms of left work in the  unions. You 
have to gleam it from either first hand knowledge or what people  have told 
you. The IS did excellent work in the Teamsters. The CP did some good  work in 
steel. You can go around and around. What stood out with the CWP's work,  
*post-Greensboro* was their effective union organizing in shipyards. And even  here 
it was relatively easy for the FBI to set them up with conspiracy to blow  up 
a ship.<<
I also developed a deep respect for many IS members doing work in auto.  Went 
to their home gatherings and party's and actually dated one of their  members 
for a moment. Earlier in my teens dated a Black Panther, although I  thought 
they were more than less crazy and had early pegged Elridge Cleaver as a  cop. 
Fucking rapists. 
Life is strange and trying to fit people into ideological boxes and fixed  
categories means one is going to miss out on a lot of life. 
The Greensboro Incident - murder of communist by the KKK, provoked a breach  
in our group. Some comrades locally - in Detroit, said "they were Trotskyite, 
to  hell with them." Most did not feel this way. At the time I was still 
involved in  the propaganda apparatus and in violation of protocol, went to the 
printing  facility and wrote and produced about 5,000 leaflets condemning the 
murders and  then lined up comrades for distribution. The title of the leaflet 
read something  to the affect; KKK Murders: The Blade, Boot and the Bullet. 
Shit hit the organizational fan. I was written up on charges for violating  
protocol and for misspelling a couple of words and set for suspension. The  
leading comrades from the National Center came to Detroit and asked some of the  
local comrade if "they had lost their minds." To make a long story short the  
charges were dropped. Communists should always be loyal to communism and not  
based outlook and decisions on what one thinks about the political ideology 
and  orientation of a particular competing group.  
There is nothing wrong with critiquing a political proposition, but at the  
end of the day the fight is against the class enemy. 
Greensboro is one of my more painful memories. Not because comrades had a  
different opinion but because they did not look at the big picture and could not 
 see themselves in a similar context. See, virtually all of my early adult 
life  was involvement in propaganda and distribution, sales of literature and up 
close  work in demonstrations; union meetings and union elections of all 
kinds. And  some street fights with the local fascists. This meant running risks 
and being  open to attacks. Any knucklehead could have put a bullet in my ass. 
In the back  of my mind I could hear some "comrade" saying "he was a petty 
bourgeois element  anyway and an anarcho syndicalist anyway." 

Which of course I was:  anarcho syndicalist. 
Organizational crappola is crap and the field for police agents. The  
Greensboro comrades were set up. We faced some of this but rigid organization  
dampened the impact of agents. If you did not recruit or establish contacts,  
distribute literature, raise funds and pay dues, all the experienced comrades  
politely avoided you. A new generation is going to have to lean this. 
Then of course I was earlier labeled the "petty bourgeoisie" because  
generally I work with anyone - unconditionally, in a given sphere of work. 
Unite or Perish. 
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