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The new evolving polarity is expressed in the Nation magazine series of  
re-imaging socialism and the communist movement in all its shades and facets. I  
am not sure but have some deep gut instincts and observations over the years. I 
 guess in the historical sense of the last period - post WWII, the Nation has 
 swung from being anti-anti-communism to socialists. Or democratic socialists 
 which means bourgeois democrats whose program is to seek a greater share of 
the  social product, while permanently keeping the property relations intact.  
Democratic is the term to avoid the unpleasant subject of private property, 
as  in the Marxist meaning of property relations and their corresponding 
expression  as relations of production. 
I believe it to be an unpardonable - but forgivable, mistake for any  
communist to advance a concept of democratic socialism rather than an American  
vision of expropriation of bourgeois property. Specifically, society has to take  
out of the value relation - the free market system, socially necessary means of 
 life. How one articulates this vision will vary. 
The working class in the here and now can agree that providing water as an  
institution should not be based in the bourgeois profit motive. The working  
class in the here and now can be solidly swung behind any and all demands to  
keep the public school system and give our children books; keep public libraries 
 open and places of recreating for our youth. 
I believe that unless we retool our Marxism - and fast, we are going to be  
outmaneuvered in the next decade. And we better develop and evolve a vision of  
what communist society means and look like for America. 
Lastly, the idea that the Soviet Union and Stalin era has soured the  
American public to socialism is absurd in a country that collectively does not  
remember or know anything beyond a 10 year history span. The historical  
anti-communism cannot be maintained under deepening crisis of capital.  Anti-communism 
as the system ideology can only be maintained in a period of  expansion of the 
system itself. Anti-communism is stabilized on the basis of  rising income and 
standard of living of the masses in America. 
If we allow ideological baggage to allow us to speak only in negative terms  
about the Soviet Union and not extract all its monumental achievements, we are 
 on our way to condemning the Paris Commune and the tailors of Lyon. Other 
the  other hand it is not necessary to avoid any aspect of Soviet history, but 
the  democratic socialist aim and intention is to avoid private property as an 
issue  and with it the rule of capital. 
The Soviet union proved forever an industrial society could be created as a  
self reproducing system without a stock market. 
Unite or Perish 


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There is absolutely no good reason for the continued separation of  
communists. Especially now, with capitalism on its knees. 
Marxism has been laying the ground work for over a decade. The time for  
talking about building a real united front is past. It's time to do it.
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