[Marxism] Cowardice Pays: Reflections on Academic Abdication and a Paul Krugman Lecture in Iowa City

MICHAEL YATES mikedjyates at msn.com
Thu Apr 2 15:51:41 MDT 2009

Year ago, one of my mentors, Harry Magdoff, wrote an article in Monthly

Review titled, "A Prizefighter for Capitalism."  It was about Paul Krugman!

Since then, Krugman has moved some to the left.  But the disdain for 

popular resistance is still there.  His view of the common people is, like that of Keynes,
paternalistic.  They will be OK if the powerful listen to him.  Better than economists like Hayek and

von Mises, who feared the workers and would have no doubt preferred to see them in 

prisons than agitating in the streets.  However, still a far cry from Marx, who embraced the 

workers and theorized the social world through their eyes.


Michael Yates

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