[Marxism] Waiting for Gobama

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 16:52:09 MDT 2009

Michael Smith writes:

"I'm still not quite sure where Obama comes into this picture, though. 

"Is the reasoning that since real action by the working class on its own
behalf isn't on the cards, the only thing we can hope for is some crumbs
from Obie?"

I don't know what Obama has to do with anything. It is true, I didn't have a
big problem with people who called for voting for Obama in the last election
as a way of expressing their opposition to racism or their hatred of Bush.
Which doesn't mean I considered voting for Obama the road forward or some
such nonsense -- in fact, I'm not entirely convinced that voting in
bourgeois-democratic electoral farces are at the heart of a revolutionary
proletarian strategy AT ALL, or even of just ending the wars or stopping

The assumption seems to be in Michael's post, as in so many others, that the
future of the human race revolves around Obama and placing him at the center
of your political universe. He is a VERY clever and skilled politician,
moreover with a very personable companion, nice kids and a cute puppy. And a
style the pundits claim is charming, refreshing and disarming. He also has
VERY short hair, recently quit smoking like I did (though I more recently
than he) and is a basketball nut.

OK, I will confess -- if he can resurrect Kyle XY and make Disney/ABC bring
it back for a fourth season, then I might change my mind. But pending that,
I'm just not convinced that the ENTIRE Universe revolves around him.


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