[Marxism] Cuba's Energy Revolution

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 3 07:38:18 MDT 2009

DWalters wrote:

"While Cuba's reaction to the cut off of Russian oil was an amazing example of self-reliance, it was also a human disaster for all Cubans."

I do hope that was a poorly written sentence. "Cuba's reaction to the cut off" was what kept Cubans alive, it was the cut off which was the "human disaster," not Cuba's reaction.

'Energy didn't only effect agriculture, it effects *everything*. And the lack of it, forced on any people, should not be glorified."

I don't think anyone, neither myself nor the Cubans nor the author of the article in question, is "glorifying" the forced lack of energy. What IS worthy of "glorification" is the *saving* of energy, and what is to be "deglorified" is the unnecessary wasting of energy.

"I thought Fidel's quote in the article [about energy conservation] is notably ironic."

Hardly. His statement about conserving energy is an insightful and praiseworthy comment, regardless of whether Cuba finds oil or not. Because whether it does or not, it will still be a finite resource, and one to be used wisely, and no matter how much oil Cuba has, every dollar they save by energy conservation is one more dollar they have to spend on food, medicine, computers, or whatever else they need.

"reliance on oil, in old, inefficient power plants, is probably Cuba's biggest problem to tackle."

One of the things noted in the article is this: "In 2006, Cuba installed 1854 diesel and fuel oil micro-electrical
plants across the country, representing over 3000 MW of decentralized
power in 110 municipalities."

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