[Marxism] Hallucinogenics legalized in the US

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 16:27:07 MDT 2009

It looks like hallucinogenics have been legalized in the United States.
That's the only possible conclusion from a news story published today in my
home town. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports: 

"Bernanke: Fed programs are working"

Yep. that's alliterative Ben Bernanke speaking on the *very day* when it was
officially announced that the unemployment rate has hit 8.5%, more than 5
million people have lost their jobs in little more than a year since the
recession started, the big majority of those since hope triumphed on Nov.
4th, two million since Jan 1, and the RATE of job loss continues to climb.
If that's Bernanke's idea of "working," I'd hate to see what he imagines
failure looks like.

But the reason I say hallucinogenics are involved --and of course, the
country's chief banker would NEVER do something illegal, that would be like
suggesting a respected investment manager like Harry Maddoff was really
running a ponzi scheme, so drugs must have been legalized-- is that to all
the world Bernanke looks like he imagines that with this sort of success, HE
will still be have a job when Christmas tress are next decorated in DC. 

Obama's political skills and what real estate sharks call "curb appeal" as
the first African American president may buy him an additional month or two
of patience from the American public, but I suspect by the fall, a public
that's ALREADY been taught there's no rule that can't be broken on the road
to recovery is going to start insisting that some of that recovery trickle
down to them. And Bernanke and his pal Geithner have, in effect, been set up
as the fall guys. 

That, of course, assuming they don't get blindsided by some ADDITIONAL
catastrophic bank failure or other financial crisis before then. Which, come
to think of it, is ENTIRELY likely.

Maybe Obama will be lucky, as he has been before. I actually heard someone
on TV today explain that stocks would rebound because, while worse than
EXPECTED, the unemployment figures weren't as bad as Wall Street FEARED,
which kind of makes you wonder what these guys know that we don't. But this
avalanche continues gaining momentum on the down side. In March for the
first time during this crisis, the public sector shed jobs. The rate of job
"churn" going by NEW unemployment claims is probably around 2-1/2 million a
month, and the NET jobs lost is almost certainly higher than the official
650K or so a month, when you take the undocumented and informal workers into

All I can say is I want some of what Ben Bernanke's been smoking.


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