[Marxism] Reflections by Fidel: The Start of the Summit

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 3 20:41:32 MDT 2009

 Correct analysis?  Positive on Obama?  Crikey, there's more to this than 
just the election of a black man to front the door at the concentration 
camp/casino of capitalism.

Obama bears no political responsibility for the current economic crisis? 
Wasn't he elected to the US Senate in 2004?  Didn't he, our not-responsible, 
rising star vote for several iterations of war funding?   Or is somehow that 
war, and the super-inflation of oil prices 2003 to mid 2008 somehow distinct 
and separate for this current economic predicament?

And... didn't he select Geithner, Mr. Gut theirs, Bailout Ours, as Sec of 
Treasury? Didn't the Obama administration pressure the Senate to remove the 
restrictions on bonuses?  Didn't the Obama administration extend and 
re-extend on easier terms the bailout to AIG, or was that some other 
administration led by someone who just looks and talks like Obama, but isn't 
the real Obama?

No responsibility?  Why is that?  Because the Republicans held the executive 
branch in 2007?  Well, the Dems held the legislative after 2006, so what 
responsibility belongs there?

Oh yeah, and that part about increased financial regulation to make sure 
"this never happens again"?? that positive part of the G20?  Well you want 
to know what the first manifestation of this new era in rigorous regulation 
was?  The easing of accounting rules, so banks, who embraced "mark to 
market" reporting in the up market as if it were the alchemists magic 
formula, no longer have to mark to market in down markets-- thus 
"decoupling"  reported asset value from actual market value.

And those positive comments about the IMF helping developing countries--  
well, f--k,  all I can say, as respectfully as possible, is that clearly 
Fidel does not know what he is talking about.  [I can hear the sudden 
intakes of air from here.  Awaiting the explosive exhalations with calm 

Or in the immortal words of  the 3rd officer and sole survivor of the mining 
ship Nostromo put it at the board of inquiry:

"Did IQs drop drastically while I was away?"

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Given the many criticisms that Fidel, Raul, and other Cuban leaders make of
Obama's stance and policies, Fidel's assessment of the significance of his
election is very calm and balanced and correctly positive, in my opinion.
Fred Feldman

Reflections by Comrade Fidel


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