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We have two extraordinary delegations heading down to Cuba from August 1 
to 8, 2009. Both are official programs designed by Cubans to familiarize 
friends from abroad with island advances that hold vital lessons for 
social well being and environmental sustainability.

These journeys are for people like you keen on learning about the 
island's renowned education system and its hallmarked eco-alternatives 
and organic farming achievements.

We warmly invite you to join us and serve as a people's ambassador to 
the island this summer.

Our TEACHERS INTRODUCTION TO CUBA TOUR is for educators seeking to 
discover the reasons why Cuban youth rank highest academically in the 
Americas, and how come island teachers are held in such high esteem. 
You'll get a firsthand take on Cuba's free education to through 
university, and the resulting social benefits.

Members of this envoy will meet, dialogue and network with distinguished 
pedagogical authorities from K-12 institutions, universities, and unions 
and ministries of education. Tour delegates will also experience 
unparalleled cultural activities including Cuban music and dance lessons 
and ample nightlife. You can plan on an engagement with a world-famed 
urban planner, meet-and-greets with contemporary artists, and an 
exclusive glimpse into Afrocuban life.

You'll see many facets of the stunning cosmopolitan capital of Havana, 
and rustic farm villages in western Pinar del Rio province, and the 
awe-inspiring tropical geography of Vinales Valley -- all from the 
comfort of your five-star Hotel Habana Libre in the heart of the city's 
leisure hub.

This tour is a professional development opportunity to witness stellar 
progress that all caring teachers aspire to, while making new friends in 
Cuba and amongst your tour colleagues. It's a primer on education in 
Cuba without equal. See an elaborated itinerary and costs at:


Our GREEN EXPLORERS CUBA TOUR is arranged by Cuban specialists to 
acquaint visitors with island accomplishments in the fields of forestry, 
organic agriculture, climate change, nature conservation and 
restoration, renewable energy, and sustainable urban development. Six 
very special rendezvouses take place with Cuban experts in these arenas.

The tour unveils the secrets of green-living Cuban-style. Its for 
explorers who want to learn about Cuba's incredible ideas and practices 
enabling its people to live within natural resource limits, at the same 
time achieving one of the highest levels of human developments anywhere.

You'll visit museums, architectural and historical sites, United Nations 
biosphere reserves, and enjoy swimming, horseback riding, birdwatching, 
hiking and cave reconnoitering. Get ready to relish the island's best 
food and entertainment in the five-star comfort of the Hotel Habana 
Libre, and the rural mountaintop Resort Los Jazmines. Plus you'll go to 
many fab venues in western Cuba for hot Latin jazz, music, dance, and more.

This tour is for concerned global citizens striving for a livable planet 
for our children and beyond. A day-by-day itinerary and costs are 
detailed at:


All are welcomed. Both tours are licensable for American travelers. 
Programs always fill to capacity and enrollment is limited. If you like 
these programs join us, and please consider sharing this newsletter with 
your friends.

Read what other travelers say about our programs at:


We're here for you to assist with all aspects of visiting our beautiful 
island. Don't hesitate to contact us.

My best regards,
Marcel Hatch, Education Director
Cuba Education Tours
2278 East 24th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5N 2V2 Canada

info at cubafriends.ca   Email

1-877-687-3817   US and Canada without toll
+ 604-874-9048   International

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