[Marxism] YADL (Yet another disillusioned liberal)/all classunity is wrong

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 20:38:33 MDT 2009

Waistline2 writes: "Ideology accounts for much of the passivity of the
American workers."

This is, of course, an idealist explanation. Not that the poster believes
it. What he actually believes seems to be that the working class is a
capitalist class, in the sense of a class inherently tied to capitalism and
the capitalists just as the serfs were to the landowners and feudalism. The
ideology of cross-class unity prevails because capitalism itself is like
that. The revolutionary class is constituted by those who have been cast out
of capitalist relations, just as the revolutionary classes that put an end
to feudalism were those outside feudal relations (the bourgeoisie but not
just them, also the free laborers and (depending on the place) land-owning
small farmers/peasants).

An interesting theoretical construct, but I just don't believe it. 


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