[Marxism] Why are American workers so passive?

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 5 09:32:19 MDT 2009

How about this?  How about US workers are protesting less than their 
European comrades, less than in the past because the US bourgeoisie has been 
knocking the snot out of labor ever since 1973?

How about the industrial organizations have been pretty much devastated by 
the increase in fixed capital component/decrease in industrial worker 
component? When the UAW went on strike against GM in when 1970?, there were 
400,000 workers walking out.  The recent strike?  70,000.

How about that the increase in numbers of workers, in the work force, has 
been centered in lower-paying service sector with labor power provided by 
the historically, and currently, more vulnerable sections of the working 
class-- namely WOMEN, immigrants, people of color-- all three, and three in 
one; people perhaps with less to lose than the traditional industrial 
workers but with less resources to even risk the possibility of loss-- the 
fact that these workers have been more active, more forthright is a 
testament to their great and developing class consciousness?

How about it is one thing-- and that one thing is not "imperialist 
privilege"--  RACISM that has so inhibited, and immobilized development of 
class struggle, class consciousness in the US?

What these professors, union bureaucrats are all about from beginning to end 
is the denial of the actual [recent] history of capitalism.

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