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Received this, and this request from Abu Hartal:

Hi can you forward this to marxmail as I can't get my formatting
right. Please comment on this short post if you find it interesting.
Pretty interesting piece, and Greenhouse's book is excellent if you
want to know about the unraveling of the Treaty of Detroit, withheld
wages, unpaid overtime, misclassification of workers to prevent
unionization, sexual harassment, the robbery of pensions, etc.. But
the conclusion to this piece is that the internet and faith in the
political system work against direct political action. On the the
problem of faith, we are finding that the state is in fact held
hostage by finance capital and must thus summon sacrifices on its
behalf; that the state must allow bankruptcies, industry
centralization and the resultant unemployment for the surviving
capitals to reduce costs to restore profitability and therewith
restore accumulation; and that the state is stumbling onto inflation
as the means by which to reduce the real wage, raise anticipated
profitability, and encourage investment. The illusions in the state
will be shattered, but the problem of the internet will remain, no?
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