[Marxism] Imperialism and the US working class

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Sun Apr 5 21:57:55 MDT 2009

"Joaquin Bustelo" <jbustelo at gmail.com> writes:
> It drives me up the fucking wall because NONE OF US who are part of the
> working population in the imperialist countries would FOR ONE SECOND even
> CONSIDER trading places with anyone in our chosen field/occupation, or at
> any rate the one we wound up in, in Africa or Latin America or India or
> China. Whereas if you were to offer that deal in the opposite direction
> generally to people in the Third World, a few billion hands would shoot up.

As a software developer, I would.  I would like my family to move
there too.  I think Argentina or Bolivia, or maybe Brazil, or Cuba, or
Venezuela.  My family are craftsment/women (flooring installers,
carpenters, seamstresses) and I would like them to have a safety net.
I don't want them to have to literally cry in fear when they have to
see a doctor, because they imagine the worse and it destroying our
entire families finances, or simply being told they have to wait and

You talk your mother thru a medical scare like that and you get
socialist real fucking quick.  You help your girlfriend who works at a
free clinic processing referrals to one of the few public hospitals
left in Chicago, and see people who probably have colon cancer being
told to wait 6 months for a test.  That's a death sentence right in
your fucking hand, and all you can do is file it and try not to tear
up too much.

I know where you are coming from Joaquin, but all I can say now is
"What the fuck do you know about this shit" and try not to cry a mix
of anger and fear.  Maybe I'm sitting at the end of this period of
imperialist privelege, born a bit too late.  My family lost our house
in the late 80s and was homeless, we seldom had health coverage, my
sister is the only one who went to college and she paid for it
herself, I had my braces taken out cause we couldn't pay for them -- a
bunch of broke-ass working class white mutts.  It's not even like we
had to wait for the current financial crisis to get shaken awake.

And despite this whining, I'm not blind to the white priveledge I
have.  I saw what they did to my black and hispanic peers once we
reached our teens.  I recognize the blessings I got along the way.
Yah, it's all anecdotal, but that's what I got to work with, and
that's what drove me here, and that's what keeps me fighting.

So with all respect to someone I read closely, why don't you shut the
fuck up when you pretend your speaking for us imperialist workers with
such strident language as "NONE OF US", comrade.

Sincerely, Craig Brozefsky              <craig at red-bean.com>

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