[Marxism] Actual data

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Just show's how ignorant you truly are, Nestor, as I was willing and even
looked to exchange  my post [by which I think you mean living/working
position] with opposite numbers in  developing countries, and even tried to 
get the
Cubans to extend their kindness to me and allow me to stay on for a few
months after the little projects I worked on with them were completed.

Would have done it in  Mozambique, except the timing of the offer was that 
period when it was being "exposed"  "uncovered" how privatization of rail 
assets in Argentina and Brazil was little other than asset stripping and 
liquidation and I had the feeling that that was the plan for Mozambique too.

Was offered it in Russia and turned it down though-- you know why?  Cold. 
Too cold.  Hired out on the railroad in Chicago and had all the cold I could 
handle back then.   Working in Russia-- trouble shooting along the new 
trans-Russian/Siberian line for 2 years [that meant 2 complete winters] was 
not for me.

And it's DATA that's wanted-- the plural, the collective, the multiple-- as
we are talking about historical, social developments, not a personal path.
That you and JB provide none, not a single datum,  doesn't surprise me one 

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