[Marxism] Imperialism and the US working class (Was YADL)

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D OC wrote:

The implosion of this system of expansion will result in a generalised lowering of living standards in imperialist centres. Whether this results in an awakening of socialist consciousness or a rise in populist or xenophobic fascism is dependent on contingent and historically-defined factors. It is likely that there will be a broad division of these trends across relatively advantaged or disadvantaged groups in society.  
Although the last sentence is necessarily vague, you do have a point. How bout some meat on those arid theoretical bones?

From where I sit xenophobic fascism wins hands down. And here is where you see the color line emerge in clear detail. 

On st pattys day I was having breakfast in a local diner here in rural western massachusetts.  A group of white working stiffs painted green were jawing on about how the jews were benefitting from the economic crisis and how the state of massachusetts was going communist what with all the immigrant workers taking our jobs and the unemployed taking our $$.   

They blame everyone but the white post-protestant members of the ruling class. This is your typical run of the mill working class discourse. 

Only the chattering classes seem upset at the bankers. The wc stiffs couldn't care less.  They're too busy blaming everyone else.  

I will leave it to more subtle minds to explain this in terms of materialist theory. Personally I think the Cubans and in particular Armando Hart are correct.  Consciousness is key.  But over here in white bread world these folks don't mix too much with "foreigners". So they're not exposed to different points of view.  I might as well be living in appalachia as far as that goes. The appalachian state of mind runs through the rural eastern seaboard from georgia all the way to canada.  

I'm not saying this proto-fascist mindset prevails in the urban centers, but I'm not saying it doesn't either. To find out we would need several dozen listeners experienced in the art of ethnographic participant observation. Or we could just wait for the right wing backlash to spring into action and dictate the obvious truth from blood-soaked headlines.  

Greg McD
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