[Marxism] Imperialism and the US working class (Was YADL)

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Mon Apr 6 07:09:12 MDT 2009

I have sugar in my coffee and jam on my toast practically every morning, just like our english predecessors, and my teeth are fine.  

But I do acknowledge your point.  The capitalists stood to gain from the food substitutes in terms of profits, and porridge and beer (non-commoditized) was much healthier than sugar and rum or gin. It also involved a penetration of capitalist consumption into foodways which previously had stood outside the marketplace.  

But from the capitalist perspective it did involve a transfer of cheap energy from the colonies which was used to power the industrial revolution.   

Simple carbs are easier to process and provide more fuel for shorter bursts of energy, thus the need for a coffee break.  Whereas porridge as a work fuel was suited to the more slowly paced agricultural workday. 


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