[Marxism] can Syria be de-coupled from Iran/Hezbollah/Hamas?

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Syria Calling
The Obama Administration's chance to engage in a  Middle
East peace.
by Seymour M. Hersh
The New Yorker
April 6,  2009

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When the Israelis' controversial twenty-two-day military
campaign in  Gaza ended, on January 18th, it also seemed
to end the promising peace talks  between Israel and
Syria. The two countries had been engaged for almost  a
year in negotiations through intermediaries in Istanbul.
Many  complicated technical matters had been resolved,
and there were agreements in  principle on the
normalization of diplomatic relations. The consensus,  as
an ambassador now serving in Tel Aviv put it, was that
the two sides  had been "a lot closer than you might

At an Arab summit in  Qatar in mid-January, however,
Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, angrily  declared
that Israel's bombing of Gaza and the resulting civilian
deaths  showed that the Israelis spoke only "the language
of blood." He called on the  Arab world to boycott
Israel, close any Israeli embassies in the region,  and
sever all "direct or indirect ties with Israel." Syria,
Assad said,  had ended its talks over the Golan Heights.

Nonetheless, a few days after  the Israeli ceasefire in
Gaza, Assad said in an e-mail to me that although  Israel
was "doing everything possible to undermine the
prospects for  peace," he was still very interested in
closing the deal. "We have to wait a  little while to see
how things will evolve and how the situation  will
change," Assad said. "We still believe that we need to
conclude a  serious dialogue to lead us to peace."
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_http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/04/06/090406fa_fact_hersh_ (http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/04/06/090406fa_fact_hersh) 
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