[Marxism] article

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Mon Apr 6 11:02:40 MDT 2009

Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> writes:

> This URL was not clickable. To make a URL clickable, enclose it in "<" 
> and "/>" (if it already ends in with "/" as in this instance, just add 
> ">"), like so:

The / is not needed.

<foobarbas> is fine for the purposes to the various mailers keeping
the URL intact and clickable.  The "/>" would be needed if you were
making a XHTML compliant tag, which we are not here 8)

Or at least that's how I understand it.

Sincerely, Craig Brozefsky              <craig at red-bean.com>

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