[Marxism] Actual data

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 12:08:10 MDT 2009

I have never presented myself as a representative of the ARgetninean 
working class.

S. Artesian escribió:
> You posed the question, and the terms of the exchange, not I-- proclaiming 
> that the only datum required was the fact that I would not have exchanged my 
> position with that of a corresponding person in Latin America.
> Now you think the specific answer to your specific question, to your own 
> terms, is somehow not representative?
> Please, I'm just as representative, or not,  of "my" working class as you 
> are of yours.
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> Yes, of course, you S. Artesian could have answered no other way. But
> would you consider yourself an average member of the USAmerican working
> classes? Come on, dear friend, come on...
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