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That should be "rising living standards"...

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> Joaquin quoted Lenin, Marx and Engels:
>> Lenin, in his October, 1916 article "Imperialism and the Split in
>> Socialism"
>> asks: "Is there any connection between imperialism and the monstrous and
>> disgusting victory opportunism (in the form of social-chauvinism) has
>> gained
>> over the labour movement in Europe?"
>> And adding, "This is the fundamental question of modern socialism," he
>> leaves no doubt that his answer is yes, and in so answering he bases
>> himself
>> directly on Marx and Engels:
>> *  *  *
>> These two trends, one might even say two parties, in the present-day
>> labour
>> movement, which in 1914-16 so obviously parted ways all over the world,
>> were
>> traced by Engels and Marx in England throughout the course of decades,
>> roughly from 1858 to 1892.
> ==================================
> They indicted the Labour and social democratic leadership of the trade
> unions and workers' parties; they did not write off the working classes of
> England or the continent, whom they expected to inevitably break with 
> their
> "bourgeois" leaders.  It didn't turn out that way, so within the framework
> of your logic, I suppose you would have some justification for extending 
> the
> indictment to the class as a whole. My own view is that reformism was the
> product of rising level standards to which other factors as well as
> imperialism contributed, and that it is a decline in those standards,
> especially abrupt ones, which are the precondition for corresponding 
> changes
> in consciousness - irrespective of whether such change occurs in 
> imperialist
> or non-imperialist countries. Am I seeing differences where there are 
> none?

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