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Nothing presented in this, or in the earlier posts, by Joaquin is "actual 
data."  And
I think he should at least post under a more accurate header-- something
like "Pride and Prejudice" would be more accurate.

Where is the actual data to back up MN Roy's theses?  If it existed then, 
then certainly it exists now for these times-- at least that is certainly 
Bustelo's contention.

European capitalism did not draw, in the main, its strength from its
colonial possessions, but clearly from its exploitation of its own working
class which is exactly why it waged such extensive and intensive battles
against that class, drowning it in the blood of defeated revolution and
ensuing world war.

There were no superprofits then.  There are no superprofits now-- Unless we
define superprofits as any profits obtained outside the home markets and
national boundaries of a particular capitalist enterprise. Look at the
actual data on net income vs. total assets of advanced capitalist investment
in less developed countries and show me, show anyone, where there is a super
rate of profit.

Look at the actual data on trade and tell me how the mainstay of
accumulation can come from trade that is restricted to the less developed
countries given the relatively small portion such trade constitutes of the
advanced countries' global exchanges.

That would actually take looking at the actual data so I don't expect an
answer anytime soon.

But I have a few answers of  my own to provide to Mr. Bustelo's

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