[Marxism] Racism within Germany's "Left" Party

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Tue Apr 7 06:37:26 MDT 2009

> The silence on this issue has been deafening, both within the Party and
> among its cheerleaders in other countries.  Lafontaine's "Fremdarbeiter" talk
> could still be explained away by apologists in terms of a poorly chosen
> words (dishonestly, one might add, given the racist content of the talk), but
> such blatant racism as in the case of Klaus Eckhard Walker cannot be
> regarded as merely a poor choice of words:
> http://communism.blogsport.de/2009/04/03/the-german-left-partys-racism/

Yawn, Angelus. We all know "Die Linke" is a reformist and electoral-focused party. 

But this is rather a storm in a tea-cup. For one Klaus Eckhard Walker is not even a member of "Die Linke", he is just supported by "Die Linke" in a local election.

Furthermore the quote by him is from 2003. It is just the Christian Democrats who have digged that one out now. No wonder the "green" Tageszeitung has jumped on the CDU band-waggon in denouncing "Die Linke" as racist. Such accusation from the side of the German Torries are only bizarre, given their day-to-day racist policies.

Especially Klaus-Peter Klingelschmitt hates anything that could be remotely termed as left or radical. During Joschka Fischer's time in Frankfurt he was one of his worst syncophants. And you think you should link in your blog to such kind of gutter journalism.

(Internationally another incident in a local election campaign would much more interesting. Why dont defend leading party members their own canidates, but rather echo Zionist smear campaigns. 

For the background see:
http://www.zcommunications.org/znet/viewArticle/21016 )


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