[Marxism] Racism within Germany's "Left" Party

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 7 06:49:50 MDT 2009

Johannes Schneider:

> Yawn, Angelus. We all know "Die Linke" is a reformist and 
> electoral-focused party. 

You might know that, I might know that, but the amount of puffery for Die Linke in the English-speaking left press suggests that most people don't know that.

> But this is rather a storm in a tea-cup. For one Klaus Eckhard Walker is 
> not even a member of "Die Linke", he is just supported by "Die Linke" in > a local election.

"Just" supporting racists in local elections is like being a little pregnant.

> Furthermore the quote by him is from 2003.

Ah, I see.  There is a statute of limitations on racism.  2003?  Ancient history!

> No wonder the "green" Tageszeitung has jumped on the CDU band-waggon in 
> denouncing "Die Linke" as racist.

The fact that CDU members and Greens say something does not make it automatically wrong.  Or are you prepared to recant your Anti-Zionism because the NPD agrees with you 100% on that issue?

> And you think you should link in your blog to such kind of gutter 
> journalism.

Gosh, I'd be happy to link to say, Junge Welt, but they didn't publish anything on the matter.  But then again, they also don't have such a stellar record on issues of anti-racism.  Cf. Gollwitz.  Racism against Asylum-seekers is unfortunately something that reaches from far-right to tepid electoral left.

> Internationally another incident in a local election campaign would much > more interesting.

Yawn, Johannes.  Die Linke's leadership supports Israel as a raison d'état?  "We all" know that.  

But it's telling that you think that leftists should not be combating domestic racism that might have some chance of affecting, preferring to mix things up instead in ethno-nationalist conflicts they have absolutely no hope of influencing.


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