[Marxism] Bustelo's Theses 3

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Shock waves reverberate through the old ideological communist movement. 
The behavior of the working class in the imperial centers warrant an  
unraveling - investigation, of the front of the curve of  capitalist/industrial 
development; areas of capital investments, concentration,  industrial development, 
greater productivity, rates of returns, rather than  proceeding from the 
ideological concept of "the rear of imperialism" -  colonies and former colonies. 
The colonies and former colonies existed as the  expression of imperial capital 
at the front of the curve, rather than the  ideological concept of imperial 
capital living and stabilizing on the basis of  the extraction of "super 
surplus value" from the colonies and former colonies.  Sure, one can state the 
process is dynamic, which it is, but the "bribery  thesis" of the working class, 
rather than the thesis of Labor Lieutenants of the  capitalist class, and the 
historic passing over of a section of socialism to  defense of ones own country 
in WW II are not identical. 
Bribery of the working class in America, on the basis of extraction of  super 
surplus value from the colonies and former colonies, as a thesis to  explain 
the relative stability of American capitalism, and the behavior of the  
American working class has been jettisoned from my vocabulary. 

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sartesian at earthlink.net writes:

it is clear that we need better tools to analyze modern  capitalism, its mode 
of reproduction, and the potentials for its overthrow than  the primitive 
analysis of an imperialism that does not exist, and never has  existed,  as some 
pretend it did and does. 
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