[Marxism] "My" theses [was Imperialism and the US working class(was YADL)]

Max Clark poeticaleconomy at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 7 14:51:28 MDT 2009

Here is a relevant contribution of Tony Cliff to the debate ('Economic roots of reformism' [1957]):


Pivotal to note is Cliff's unequivocal critique of Lenin's 'aristocracy of labor' thesis inasmuch as the initial 'reformist' effect of imperialist super-profits is spread throughout the working class as a whole, not an 'infinitesimal minority'. 

Also of much note however is that where the imperialist export of capital into foreign nations expands the market for goods of the imperialist nations, the payment of interest and profit on such foreign investments also restricts this very same market. Hence 'the high profit from capital invested abroad may well be not a concomitant of capitalist prosperity and stabilization in the imperialist country, but a factor of mass unemployment and depression.'


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